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Lindy & Graeme Borchers

About Us

Graeme & Lindy Borchers designed & built Shutter Stoep. Their goal was not only to create an environment that catered for a range of photographic disciplines but to pamper the photographer, stylist, agency & client alike.  "Every visitor is to be looked after here at the Stoep" is their mantra.

This new space is not just another studio either, it’s an experience. All the facilities look onto a long patio that flows down the studio’s length. This is the Stoep. Open up the windows and sit at a table that links both the inner and outer space or work under the pin oak at the kitchen pass. It's a studio that has plenty of open window light while still being able to transform into a tradition light-tight set.

From a retractable staircase and stack-away tables to large piston pivot windows. This space has a whole whack of quirkiness to offer. 


Welcome to Shutter Stoep.

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